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General Overview

Page history last edited by Marinus P deGroot 13 years, 5 months ago

The aim of this wiki is to provide an introduction to the various cultural development initiatives that are current in Cambridge, Waterloo, Kitchener and area.


As the information that is being made available here amply demonstrates, a lot has been going on, especially over the last 2 years since the Arts Together round table sessions were initiated and the Prosperity Council arts agenda began developing momentum.


The cdevgr schematic that is presented here shouldn't be taken too seriously: It was quickly and light-heartedly put together, and represents a particular and therefore limited point of view. The main purpose is to illustrate the complexities of the situation, and to say that if you've heard about some of these things and feel confused about what is going on, you're in good company: Almost everyone who has been involved in any or all of these intitiatives feels similarly confused and overwhelmed.


Hopefully this will help sort some things out, open the door for broader and better informed discussion, and promote the kind of understanding that will be needed to ensure that the ultimate outcome is as harmonious, inclusive, broadly relevant and as grandly ambitious as it possibly could be. 


Note: Some of the documents linked to here are posted on a cdevgr google site set up for this purpose.





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